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Participation in Wi-Fi Alliance® is a key strategic element in delivering Wi-Fi® solutions and services. In our industry-leading collaboration forum, the Wi-Fi and WiGig® technologies of the future are taking shape now. Our world-class certification program validates the best user experience and provides a seal of approval sought after worldwide.

Since March of 2000, Wi-Fi Alliance member companies have developed and launched more than 20 certification programs.

To date, our more than 700 member companies have certified more than 35,000 products in one of 21 Authorized Test Laboratories worldwide, and that number grows daily. Being a part of our organization and participating in our interoperability programs and market development efforts means that you and your customers can be assured of the very best experience with Wi-Fi products and services.

Become a member today and help drive the wireless future. When your application is accepted by our Board of Directors, a Wi-Fi Alliance staff member will send you a notice and invoice via email, generally within ten business days. Your membership will be activated once full payment is received. For existing members, we bill annually in advance of each calendar year and all dues are payable by December 31.

Membership Application Process

If you would like to begin the membership application process, please confirm your company meets the requirements to submit an application for membership as stated in the Bylaws: 

Publicly displaying a legitimate business interest; AND Publicly supporting, in the form of a press release or as evidenced by shipping products or enabling technology, such as, for example, chip sets, software, etc. for Wi-Fi products, or deploying for public access products employing Wi-Fi specifications for wireless LANs.

To submit your company information, please complete this form by selecting "Join Wi-Fi Alliance".

Contributor Membership

Contributor members may contribute to the development of our certification programs and enabling technologies, certify products, and access a range of other benefits. Annual dues for Contributor membership are US$15,000.

Affiliate Membership

Affiliates of Contributor and Sponsor members are eligible to access a range of member benefits at no additional cost including the ability to certify products under their own company name, use of Wi-Fi Alliance certification marks, and non-voting participation in organizational activities.

For a company to qualify for Affiliate membership, a Contributor or Sponsor member company must directly or indirectly (1) control the affiliated company (2) be controlled by the affiliated company, or (3) be under common control with the affiliated company (the same non-member company must control both the member company and the affiliated company).

Please refer to the Affiliate Membership Policy, for additional information.

Implementer Membership

Implementer members can leverage previously certified Wi-Fi products to certify their own end products. Implementer membership provides an easy path to take advantage of the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED brand, assurance of interoperability, and a proven track record of exceptional user experience. 

Additional benefits include participation in three annual member meetings, access to program roadmaps, and approved technical specifications. 

Annual dues for Implementer membership are US$5,000.