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The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most exciting waves of innovation the world has witnessed, and its potential has only just begun to emerge. This marked transformation in how devices and people use connectivity is happening before our very eyes, as more and more devices and objects are enabled with Wi-Fi® and other technologies to connect to one another and larger networks.

The economic potential of the Internet of Things is boundless, presenting a vast range of opportunities across a variety of sectors of the economy. Consumers will use smart home and automotive applications to monitor, protect, and control their home environments, to maintain their health, and to stay connected to home and work when on the go. Enterprises and small businesses alike will drive new efficiencies into their operations and develop entirely new business models enabled by IoT applications. Governments will collect revenue and monitor mission critical transit, public safety, and sanitation systems. Industrial and commercial facilities will improve their efficiency through IoT applications, benefitting consumers worldwide through lowered prices and better service. In the developing world, Internet of Things applications have the potential to raise standards of living by improving healthcare delivery and sanitation, enabling quick disaster response, and much more.

Wi-Fi technology is ready today to connect billions of IoT devices to each other, to the internet, and to the billions of consumer electronics and computing devices already in use. Wi-Fi’s security, interoperability, and longstanding commitment to legacy interoperability make it an ideal platform for innovation – unlocking the limitless potential of the Internet of Things.

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